Founded in 1993, the Authentic Movement Institute offered an innovative curriculum, experiential and theoretical, that explored the inter-weaving of the creative, psychological and sacred through the unique body-based process of Authentic Movement.


Co-founded by Neala Haze, MA and Tina Stromsted, Ph.D., the Authentic Movement Institute developed training approaches to psychotherapy, artistic endeavor, and the enhancement of daily life.  For over ten years, the Authentic Movement Institute offered three-year training programs, ongoing groups, and workshops to therapists, artists, body-oriented practitioners, and educators.


In 2004, the Authentic Movement Institute closed its doors after many rich years of personal and professional exploration. This site serves as a historical record of the Authentic Movement Institute, the people who contributed, and the learning that developed there.


We’d like to acknowledge all the generations of Authentic Movement practitioners who are moving, witnessing, teaching, and sharing this practice around the globe!