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When the great swing has taken an individual into the world of symbolic mysteries, nothing comes of it, nothing can come of it, unless it has been associated with the earth, unless it has happened when that individual was in the body... And so individuation can only take place if you first return to the body, to your earth, only then does it become true.
— C.G. Jung
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An Evening of Art, Dance and Poetry

AMI Student Production


Body Stories: Authentic Movement & the Dream Body

Faculty: Tina Stromsted & Kate Jobe


Authentic Movement & Anatomy: Stories From Our Bones

Faculty: Andrea Olsen


A Put Together

Faculty: Janet Adler & Ruth Zaporah



Authentic Movement & the Dancing Body

Faculty: Andrea Olsen


An Evening of Performance and Storytelling

with Andrea Olsen


Body and Earth

Faculty: Andrea Olsen


Italy Group

Faculty: Tina Stromsted


Women In Nature

Faculty: Lisa Tsetse


The Millennium: Reawakening Our Earthbody

Faculty: Neala Haze & Tina Stromsted


Publication Celebration: Authentic Movement, Volume 1 Essays by Mary Starks Whitehouse, Janet Adler, & Joan Chodorow.

Edited by Patrizia Pallaro


Authentic Movement as Nonviolent Community Action

Faculty: Lisa Tsetse & Sox Sperry

Foundational Studies

Authentic Movement: Origins, Theory, Practice


Dyad - In supervised sessions, partners met regularly to study the dynamic relationship between mover and witness. Learners explored ways to connect their inner experience to language. (Ten hours of dyad time)


Group - During five weekends, learners met in the studio to explore the boundaries between the individual, the dyad, and the group. Shared stories and myths emerged as an amplification of the collective.


Seminar- Each weekend included a three-hour seminar. Learners had the opportunity to articulate and integrate their movement experience through reading, theoretical discussion, artistic expression and the development of a personal portfolio. Linda Aaron-Cort, Joan Chodorow, Tina Stromsted joined as guest lecturers.


Movement as Medicine: Rhythm, Ritual, Renewal

Faculty: Linda Aaron-Cort; Neala Haze; Tina Stromsted


Authentic Movement: A Meditative Practice

Faculty: Neala Haze


Authentic Movement: Mystical Dance and Mystical Text

Faculty: Janet Adler


Authentic Movement in Psychotherapy

Faculty: Tina Stromsted


The Art of Intimacy: The Labyrinth of Relationship

Faculty: Neala Haze and Tina Stromsted


Metamorphosis: The Moving Self

Faculty: Linda Aaron-Cort and Neala Haze


Women Moving: Living in Our Bodies

Faculty: Linda Aaron-Cort and Neala Haze


Authentic Movement & Healing from Cancer

Faculty: Sandy Dibbell-Hope


Active Imagination: Healing From Within

Faculty: Joan Chodorow & Louis Stewart

Monthly Seminar for Psychotherapists:

October1993-May 1994: The nature of the affects

October 1994-May 1995: Early memories

October 1995-May 1996: Core emotional complexes

October 1996-May 1997: Affect and image

October 1997-May 1998: Affect and image, continued

 October 1998-June 1999: Symbolic amplification

October 1999-June 2000: Affect and mythic images

October 2000-June 2001:The symbolic cultural attitudes

October 2001-May 2002: Creative fantasy in infancy and early childhood

October 2002-June 2003:   Creative fantasy in early development, continues

October 2003-June 2004:  Jung’s method of dream analysis